Saturday, February 6, 2010

Six Words…

I was listening to NPR the other day driving back home from Norman and the interviewer was talking to two authors that had asked for and  collected a number of six word memoirs and published them. In listening to the interviewer and the authors it dawned on me that a person could write a six word memoir that could also work as an epitaph as well as a memoir.  It could define a certain time in someone’s life, maybe a period of pure joy or incredible sadness, a time of stress or of a loss of a loved one or a broken heart, the birth of a child or a move that took you away from your childhood friends. 

In other words, we could all write a six word memoir that would be a look into our inner selves, our souls in a manner of speaking, on a daily basis, even on some days an hourly basis, but if you recorded your own six word memoirs and then looked back on them in a week, a year or even in ten years and there would be perhaps only one or two that would really continue to be relevant and meaningful to you throughout your life.

My first six word phrase that leapt to my mind while I was listening to the program was, “I came, I saw, I laughed!”  I’ve decided to keep a notepad handy and start jotting down six word phrases that come to my mind and will occasionally re-visit this subject and share with you my six word phrases, both those that are good or bad, deep or shallow, dark or enlightening. 

So let me ask you… what six word phrase came to your mind while reading this post?  Are you willing to share it with others in this very public forum or do you chose to keep it to yourself because it leaves you feeling too vulnerable? And does this exercise interest you or intrigue you to start to learn more about yourself in only six word bites?

Or do you think I’m crazy?


Staci said...

Good Idea, I think!

How about those Sooners today? Bevo Burgers for supper.

jojo said...

yes. I. think. you. are. crazy! (6) Really, I love the idea and maybe we should all give it a try...hmmm let me think.

hetty said...

Crazy? Yeah, for sure! But you have something good happening here. My six words would be, "I worked and now I walk". It refers to the neurological disorder that left me totally wheelchair bound a couple of years ago, but after lots of hard work (physiotherapy), I can now walk a few hundred meters with a cane. My goal is to be able to go for a walk in the woods. That's my passion - the outdoors!

Cindy said...

I am also fascinated with six word memoirs.

I blogged about this last year:

I think it would be good if everyone boiled their life down to six words every year.

How illuminating would that be?

Reddirt Woman said...

I loved it Staci... Bevo burgers are the best!

JoJo I just thought it was such an interesting idea. Gets right to the heart of a thought and cuts out unnecessary verbiage.

Hetty I am so proud of you! And what a wonderful six words. You go Girl!

Cindy leave it to me to be behind the rest of the world. But I'm with you, girl friend. I think it is fascinating. I'll be over to read your post as soon as I get through with my responses.

Sara said...

Very profound idea! I'm going to give this some thought. Not sure I'm comfortable with describing myself - but it would be a good exercise.

Country Girl said...

Hi, Helen. Thank you for your so very frequent visits to my blog. I don't get around as much as I should.

This is an interesting post. When I read hetty's comment, it reminded me of my own walk down the driveway and back this morning. It was a huge goal, through 2 to 3-foot high snow that hadn't been plowed. And what really helped was reminding myself that I was able to do this and felt blessed to be able to do so.

Anonymous said...
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Terry said...

Howdy Helen
This is so profound !
Especially since I spent the day traveling around cleaning off family headstones with my Aunt Jo and talking over old times as well as thinking about the times to come .
Blessings to you and those sweet wonderful fur babies !!!!!!!!!!
Big Hugs
Happy Trails

DocSly said...

Once again you offer your readers a chance to connect. Your blog reminds me of The Dash (another blog I follow). You can expect me to respond after I give it some thought. Brain is fried tonight. Take care, Helen.

farmlady said...

This came to me right away Helen. I haven't been feel very well all week and yesterday I decided to push myself. I took a long walk which didn't seem to help much so....
"Yesterday felt like the doves sound."

Reddirt Woman said...

Sara you could start out just describing something that happened without having to describe yourself... something like 'the porch gate swings both ways' or 'a chill wind blows the snow'... just look at is in an exercise word play.

Glad you dropped by for a visit, Country Girl. It does such good to get out and about every now and then. Those snow drifts wear you out but you get such great photos when you brave plowing through them.

Terry I hope you enjoyed your day with your Aunt. I think we all need to reconnect with family, present and past, since we never know what will happen in the next breath. That's why I always try to tell my family and friends that I love them for the light they bring into my life.

Sylvia I haven't been around nearly so much since I have moved twice since November. I'm trying to catch up on everyone and it was good to hear from you. I'll be over to visit and catch up with you soon.

Connie I love your six words. You are so poetic with so many of your posts and you express your feelings in ways that I hope to when I grow up... :-)

Thanks to each and every one of you that graces my blog by stopping by... you all keep me going in times when I don't even want to do anything but crawl back under the covers. I just wanted to tell you that I appreciate each and every one of you.

Anonymous said...


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