Thursday, December 3, 2009

Schnauzer Sandwich...

I have these two silly, lovable furbabies that like to be touching mom especially at bedtime. They move around sometimes but generally this is how we three end up in the bed.

I just happened to be sitting up reading and looked down and said, "Self... you've got to figure out how to slip out from between these two and reach the camera and document this because people are gonna say no way that they can get this close".

"SueSue's on the left of me, Chloe's on the right, here I am stuck in the middle of you...

My skin is so white except for my farmer's tan that if I dared to expose my midsection it would bring to mind a double stuffed Oreo but I don't want to take a chance on running anyone off screaming into the night.

When we first go play golf in the spring after the winter in long pants my baby brother tells me he's seen darker legs in the chicken section at Winn-Dixie, a grocery chain in Ft. Worth. I guess if I were smartI'd go to the tanning booth before spring but not being a very good golfer I need all the help I can get and I figure if the sun hits my legs just right it will blind whoever I'm playing with and I can maybe pick up a stroke or two.

But that wasn't what I had planned on sharing with you all this evening. Only how nice it is when the weather gets cold to have my own little heaters keeping me warm at night.

Chloe on the right all snugged up warming mom and yet watching over me, thus the butt towards me (she does not get a treat of beans) and the head looking toward the foot of the bed so she can protect me in case anyone tries to creep into my bed (fat chance).

And my darling, dingy, blonde (despite the fact that she's silver)
Suess on the left giving mom all the warm loving I can handle so that maybe when we get up and around tomorrow I'll play ball with her even though it will be ass-freezing cold...
She will talk me into it a time or two during the day and Chloe will just look at us like we've both lost our minds unless there is snow on the ground. If there is snow on the ground, Chloe will buck and cavort like a pup and bite the snow and Suess will bite the snow and chase balls in it and think it is a real treat. And Mom will just shake her head and laugh at them both.

Now you know what a truly exciting life I live, butt to butt to butt...

Ain't love just awesome!


Brenda S Okie in Colorado said...

That is too cute. My lil wiener dogs both spoon me at night. One is spooned as close to my butt as she can get and the other is spooned at the curve of the back of my knees. They will not move from that position all night. Now that the weather is in the teens during the day, They spoon each other all day. Oh how I love those babies♥ I think that is what keeps you and I going.

Sara said...

I can almost feel the warmth from those 2 fur balls snuggled in. The cat in my house just lays right on top - also warm and relaxing. Gotta love them!

darsden said...

How cute :-)

jojo said...

I need me a couple of those, I'm so cold at night!

Reddirt Woman said...

That's the truth Bren... if it weren't for my babies their is no telling what I'd be into or where I'd be. They help keep me sane.

Sara my baby bro and s.i.l. have 4 cats. 2 are put to bed in their own bedrooms because one of them likes to open the cabinet doors in the kitchen and they bang and wake up his momma. The oldest is part Siamese and like to yowl in the night.

Yep Dar, now you know why they are so dear to me.

JoJo they are so much company for me and are so very entertaining.

Ronda said...

To adorable.... Unconditional love all the way around!

Tatersmama said...

Awww! How sweet and warm!
I've learned to keep the bedroom door closed, or I end up with 6 cats in bed with me... one of which prefers to sleep on my neck, and the others all keep my legs pinned down, so that I have to wake up to roll over. *sigh*

Twisted Fencepost said...

Stretch sleeps with me, too. At the bend in my knees. I love my little critters. God knew what he was doing when he allowed us to domesticate our canine friends.

Robynn's Ravings said...

Oh you make me laugh. I love to come here and read your funny stuff, Sass. I've missed you! Glad you've got your little bed buddies. Yep. They make you feel loved. Minky is my dog and likes to lay in my lap when I'm in the recliner even though she's 35 lbs. And I love every minute of it, too!

Reddirt Woman said...

Ronda there is something so special about our furry babies and their unconditional love.

Katie my brother and s.i.l. have 4 cats. Two of them have their own bedrooms at night because one male will attack the other, also male, despite the fact that both have been neutered. The 2 girls are luckier... they get to sleep with mom and dad.

Becky I get in a lot less trouble sleeping with my babies than some of the 'things' I slept with back in the olden

Sass my two want to be touching me even if I'm sitting on my love seat in the living room watching t.v. Usually Chloe is up next to me against my leg and SueSue is on the footrest when I have my feet propped up. They are too fun.

Tipper said...

Looks like a pretty good life to me : )

K. T. Sparks said...

oh I had a hard time reading this because I miss my Chloe so much and now our Zoe is sick...I am so glad you have your warm little velvet girls to snuggle with you. I put Zoe in bed with me this morning and it felt so good to snuggle! Love those Schnauzers

Reddirt Woman said...

Tipper as long as my girls and me are together it is a good life.

Karen I know how much you miss your Chloe. These little furbabies can work their way into our hearts in no time... But you still can cuddle Zoe and then their is that little cutie Jackie... isn't it fun how they each have their own personalities.

Terry said...

I love the photo !
Thank you for sharing Helen .
Blessings to you and your sweet furbabies .
I miss having pets but the cheap rental we live in says not even a fish or a plant ! Bah Humbug :(
Oh well maybe the next rental with allow pets ,if not I will have to keep visiting your blog and enjoy your sweet babies .
I am so glad they are there for you .
Hang in there time has a way of changing things for good .
Bad can and does happen but so can GOOD !!!!
SO praying for good times to come your way quickly.
Big Hugs my blogging friend.
Happy Trails

Nola said...

Looks much like our bed on a cold night!!...except you can add a cat!! lol lol