Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tired To Tears Thursday…

I finally got hooked back up to the internet and it’s cable, not satellite, praise the Lord. But I’m so dog-assed tired I can’t even think so this will be a flowers I left behind in Bartlesville post.

202 This iris I dug up and brought with me. It blooms spring and fall.

000_0070 This is one of my favorite photos that I’ve taken. The red trumpet vine I planted along the back fence grew around a dead tree stump that grew up around the fence so I just left it there. I like the contrast of textures.

100_0571 Joseph’s Coat Rose. One of the few roses I’ve ever had any luck with so therefore also my favorite.

100_0573 This is the climbing Joseph’s coat rose, the one I took the individual rose shot from.

100_0569 This beautiful Jackamani Clematis was growing on the property line with the people that lived in the house just east of us. They were kind enough to let us claim it and care for it.

100_0574We had columbine in the shadiest part of the rock garden in the front yard.

100_0583This beautiful clematis was white with the most delicate pink stripes going down the petals.

100_0489 When we move to this house in ‘95 there was a square of cement out toward the N.E. part of the back yard. It took a long time before it dawned on me that whomever had lived there before had a big satellite dish. I decided to plant wisteria there because it was strong enough to support it as it got older.

100_0490 Wisteria blossoms just starting to bust open.

100_0516 More wisteria a few days later in full bloom. It had the most beautiful scent.

100_0517 Lilac… beautiful old fashioned lilac and what a wonderful smell.

100_0518 lilac blooms in the shade.

100_0519And more lilac.

100_0492Sand cherry bush. I loved the contrasting colors.

100_0496 Hosta “Freedom” if I remember correctly.

100_0497 Ferns just beginning to greet the world. These plants were fascinating to watch unfurl in the spring

100_0538 This is one of several irises that we brought back from one of our trips to Minnesota. We actually went to the farm where they were grown and picked out the ones we wanted. The gentleman also grew hostas and had some gorgeous varieties that we drooled over. The fellow said it was okay to drool as they were down in there water that year.

100_0542Mmmm, weigelia. This beauty was one of my favorite bushes.100_0545Sand cherry that we brought back from Minnesota. Beautiful coloring.

100_0550 This dark iris was just about read to unfurl and show off it’s beauty but I loved the look of it at this stage.

100_0552 I have no freaking clue at the moment what this flower is called. I planted it in our front yard water/rock garden but I've slept since then and don't remember it's name... which also happens with people... a lot.

100_0565 This was another Minnesota iris.

100_0561 More red trumpet vine.100_0567And one final iris.

Be patient with me and I’ll soon be back to stories. I’m so exhausted and still have much to move but don’t give up on me.

I get this move out of the way and my body and brain rested I’ll be back to the same old me…


jojo said...

we'll be here...take care of yourselves..jj

Brenda S Okie in Colorado said...

Bless your heart♥ Wish we all could be there to help you. I just don't know if I could do all that you do. You are one tough cookie. Take care dear Helen.

Twisted Fencepost said...

Beautiful flowers, Helen!
It's a shame you can't take them all with you. I know you'll miss them. But atleast you have pictures. And maybe you will have new ones at your new house.

Lonicera said...

I'm as pea-green as my blog Helen - I've tried to grow trumpet vine for YEARS, and it doesn't like the climate here. I'd love to have a lush splash of red like that...
Any good land for planting where you are now??

Sara said...

Wish we could all help ease the moving process for you. Your flowers photos are gorgeous. I'm not a gardener, but I was raised in Minnesota by avid gardeners. The unknown flower in the one photo looks a little like a Lady Slipper to me.

Ronda said...

I totally understand the tired part. I am almost done with my move and if I had extra time off from work I would come down to help you out girl! Love all your flower pics. They are just beautiful! Take care, take it easy and know we are all here for you!

Reddirt Woman said...

JoJo you are one of the kindest people I've never met. You always encourage me.

Brenda I don't know if we'd get much done for sitting and yakking. I don't feel very tough right now. I was lazy yesterday so I will have to do something today. I think one more pickup load will get everything out of the house and while it is work, digging up the plants we want to bring with us will invigorate me.

Some of the irises, Becky, are ones I brought with me from B'ville and they will come with me to Norman.

Caroline I loved that red trumpet vine. It wasn't as invasive as the old fashioned orange ones. I'm going to plant another one here in Norman. I don't know how good the land is here as there is not much that has been planted, but I'll let you know with photos in the future. I've have seen some pretty gardens in peoples yards when I drive around Norman so I have high hopes.

Thank you Sara... I usually keep the tags that come with the plants and when they grow and bloom I take a photo and put pertinent info and the tag in a scrap book type of book. I tossed the pages of the ones I couldn't bring with me when we came down here and my brain, as I said, is not functioning at the moment so I do appreciate you telling me what it is and solving that quandary in my head.

Ronda I know with you also moving you are feeling my pain. Just say a prayer of thanks that you aren't near as old as me. I think everything I love to do craft and art wise weighs a ton... even my beads... when you fill a box with them those suckers are HEAVY!

hetty said...

Oh what beautiful flowers! I am glad you were able to take photos of all of them. They will be good memories. Fall is a good time to dig up perennials. Hope you will be able to take some with you. Now get your tired 'ass' into bed so that you will have lots of energy tomorrow!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

oh i so hope one of the plants you sent me was a red trumpet... I SO AM IN LOVE withall your flowers and knowledge of them... i have iris' thanks to karen and hope they will show off next spring in grand fashion... and hopefully my IRIS QUILT will be done in the next few months.... It is amazing... my aunt and sue have and are doing things with needle and thread that i can only dream of...
HUGS and get some rest!

Rachel Hurst said...

I love all of your photographs of the flowers. How beautiful. I think that the Dark Iris is my favorite (go figure right)? How blessed we are to have such gorgeous things to look at. We love you and hope to see you soon! *big big hugs*

Evansmom said...


Reddirt Woman said...

Hetty I got up on Friday, let the girls out and fed them, and promptly went back to bed and slept until almost 11a.m. And then I made one run to the country and made a load in the pickup and brought it to Norman and unloaded it. Played with the pups and then worked on the 164 e-mails that came in while I was in between the satellite internet and cable internet.

Laura that red trumpet didn't make the trip form B/ville but I'm going to find one down here next spring and I'll send you starts. Bro got me a yellow trumpet vine and it is one that is definitely one that will make the move with me.

Rachel, my sweet niece, if you have someplace to plant them when I divide them next year I will share with you. They are so easy to care for and very little problems with diseases or bugs. I also have a daylily that you would love. I'll put a photo on FB for you to see.

Tipper said...

Your flowers are beautiful-kind of meaningful-it being fall and time for the to die back for their new beginning in the spring. And there you are starting again too.

Lisa said...

Gosh, I LOVE all the flowers. We still need to get together and do some pictures. I have really been out of sorts with moving my daughter and just stuff here. We can try to start making plans once again. But I will tell you, I am so impressed with your ability to grow all those different flowers! Thanks for sharing!

Ronda said...

I agree with you about the craft stuff I love scrapbooking and I cleaned out my closet that supports that addiction and man or man, I think those have been my heaviest boxes! At least my other passion, crocheting doesn't weigh hardly anything! LOL Hope you are recooping from your move and can sit back and enjoy your new home!

Reddirt Woman said...

Tipper you always say the right thing to lighten my heart. Thank you. The new yard is like a blank canvas. You gave me my silver lining. I've been too tired to find it for myself.

Lisa with having a normal sized yard to tend to I will have more times that I can get away for a bit. When I get my plants that I'm moving in I'll give you a shout out and we will work out a get together. Promise... Both girls coats are looking pretty good now.

Ronda I'm at the point where I have almost everything and am digging up plants that I can't bear to leave behind and you know how gardening soothes my soul, so when I recuperate from the tired of the move and get the plants to bed for the winter I'll be able to do some resting up. I hope your move went smoothly.

Aleta said...

Wow. Look at all those lovelies!!! Oh my GOSH! How beautiful!!!

Give yourself some time. I could feel how tired you were with your post.. And thank you for sharing all those gorgeous flower pictures!!

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