Saturday, January 7, 2012

Texas Trash And Other Tidbits...

First off let me say that Chloe (and mom) made it through her health crisis. She's eating and cleaning the floor for any little tidbit that may have been dropped, she's barking at anyone who dares to darken her door or the little kids that she can see playing when she's in the yard. I'm so glad to have her back to her old self that I don't even threaten to beat her for her barking... I just pet her and tell her to hush her mouth.

Now on to the inquiry about Texas Trash. Originally I believe it was more commonly known as Chex Mix and the recipe you can find on all the Chex cereal boxes. Where we got to calling it Texas Trash was from additions and augmentations to the original recipe by friends in Texas and it just seems easier to remember for me than Chex Mix and more fun to say. The original recipe calls for (this is just guesstimation from me... we don't have any cereal here now for me to be exact) 2 cups of each of the Chex cereals, Cheerios, pretzels and nuts. Carol has also used Bugels (the snack) and usually uses mixed nuts. She also uses a full stick of margarine or butter instead of half a stick. You melt that down and add to it a couple of tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce and some seasoning salt, a couple of teaspoons I think. I can't remember if there are other ingredients and Carol is in the shower as I write this but if you don't find it on the Chex cereal boxes, give me a shout and I'll find out for sure the recipe. Anyway after you melt your butter or margarine and add the other ingredients, you pour it all over the cereal, pretzels and other treat stuff like Bugles or Goldfish or whatever and stir it up good. I would suggest you put in one of those throw away turkey cooking pans because then it goes in the oven on a low heat, probably like 250F. and every 15 minutes you pull it out and stir it up to get all the seasoning to all of the cereals and stuff. You do that two or three times and then you dare people to not eat it until they are full of it, too.

Really it is one of those snack things that folks will sit and pick at while watching football games or visiting with folks that stop in for a visit. It's fun finger foods for the little ones and everyone figures out what their favorite part is (mine are the rice Chex, for now) and you will catch them picking out their favorites. It is a snack that is easy to add to or change around like our friends that like to add Tabasco for a little kick (mmmm good!) or different types of snack foods like the Bugles or Goldfish crackers.

In a day or two I'll get Carol to print out the recipe for the green chili grits and pass that on to you all. I've never been a grits fan, nor has Carol, but she ran across the recipe and decided to try it. We are both glad she did and will have it again soon.

So that kind of explains about the Texas Trash/Chex Mix. It's fun to eat and easy to make, I could probably make it but don't tell Carol. You can have it going in the oven while you do other things and folks sure don't pass it by...



The Wildwood said...

So glad Chloe is feeling well and she has been on my mind. Love Texas Trash!!!!!!

farmlady said...

Well now I know what it is. I just love that name. Here in California we just call it Chex Mix and they sell it all ready mixed up if you too lazy to make it.
Thanks for the "recipe".

jojo said...

it sounds like the new year is off to a good start at your neck of the woods. Let's all stay healthy this year..starting now, I'll race you to the finish of a fabulous year! love you.

Tina said...

I am glad Chloe i better..and thanks for the recipe. My grandma used to make it every year at Christmas time. I have bought the Chex mis off the shelf but it is just not as good and never has any nuts in it like your recipe lists...yummm...I will for sure keep track of this.


Brenda S Okie in Colorado said...

Helen, so happy to hear your Chloe is going to be ok.
I saw your cooment on Tipper's last post My friend Peggy lives in McLoud and she photographs and looks up gravesites. You can check Gravesite Masters, US Cemeteries Project,, and
Hope this helps.

Paxie said...

I'm also glad your girl is doing much better. Had you both in my prayers :)

The Texas Trash sounds delicious and my Mom used to make something like that..I think we just called it Chex original. We also picked at it. Yum!


Reddirt Woman said...

Karen, thanks for the good wishes for Chloe... as you know when they start getting 'older' us moms start getting more panicky when they get sick...

Connie, it's just one of those yummy snacks that folks like to make their own by twists and turns and name changes.

JoJo it sounds like a deal! Not only let's keep us healthy but let's try to keep our furbabies from giving us heart attacks with their health!

Thanks for checking on Chloe, Tina. And, yes, by whatever name it is called Chex mix is a good snack.

Brenda! Thank you for your help on the grave photograph sites... a friend that was here at Christmas was talking about having run across a site about the gravestone photographs and I told him I'd read about something at Tipper's blog and would get other options to him. Thank you for noticing and sending me these other sites.

Debbie we don't want to talk too much about Chex mix... That may be our next mission on Frontierville... LOL!!!

Brenda S Okie in Colorado said...

Helen, my husband uses find a grave and random acts of genealogical kindness. They don't charge and send in an email. My fb friend, a girl I went to jr hi and high school with in Norman, does this photography. Her name is Peggy Smith. She has a website with I believe that website charges.

Debbie said...

Oh I am so very glad Chloe is doing good. Before you posted, I was afraid to ask.
I love chex mix as we have always called it. It's nice to kmake and sit out for munchers.
Tell Carol, that my hubby wants to give her a big hug!! He has always wanted to know how to make loose meat sandwiches like the Roseanne show had, and I saw the recipe on her blog, and he has made it twice and is in love with it, and Carol! LOL.
Come by and see my blog sometime. I miss you!!!
God Bless~