Sunday, August 8, 2010

What Do You Do?

When the temperature is 102 F. and the heat factor is 108 F.?  If you are as lucky as me you have a sweet niece and her husband that have a pool and family visiting from out of town that gives me the excuse to drive about an hour to Bethany, a bedroom community of Okla. City, and jump in and play with my nieces, nephews, great nieces and nephews and a few great, greats.

Carol's camera 046 Yours truly and my great, great niece Brooke.

Carol's camera 042 A whole mess of heathens…  The young man closest to us with the love of his life and her daughter and his baby sister is my great nephew and his family visiting from Florida.  Jeremy, not to be confused with another Jeremy in the family, brought Heather and Haley home to meet the family.  Melissa (baby sister) and Haley hit it off from the airport.  Where you find one you find the other. Those little girls are having too much fun playing.

Carol's camera 045  This is what we call fun in our family… get a bunch together and play volleyball in the back yard and play in the pool and eat.  I’ll post more on the eating because we are doing this all again today after church and there will be more of our wild bunch in from Ft. Worth and Nancy and Steve have quite a spread planned for our lunch.  In the meantime I thought I’d post a few pictures for those of you suffering through the sweltering heat with us that don’t have a pool and a mess of kids to play with in it.

Carol's camera 047 My great nephew Chris, brother of Jeremy…

Carol's camera 063 Jeremy, home from Florida, for a few days of mama’s hugs and brother and sisters loving and teasing and story telling…

Carol's camera 060 He’s making sure to get the point of his story across…

Carol's camera 049 Aunt Helen trying to help get the fourth person in the big ring… they all tumped over. 

Carol's camera 062 My sister is up from Ft. Worth for a visit and she and Sandie Kay, another great niece, are talking about Sandie’s nursing courses she’ll be taking this next semester.  That handsome fellow that you can kind of see between them is the other Jeremy, Sandie’s husband. 

Carol's camera 066 My nephew Bill, probably telling his niece Melanie, some kind of story.

Carol's camera 048 Dave is Melanie’s husband.  There is an abundance of tattoos in this family but I have to say, as the old auntie, they are all in good taste.  No nasty uglies, either words or pictures.

Carol's camera 065 My great niece, Sandie.  She is such a doll and I don’t get to see her as often as I’d like because she and Jeremy live up north and east of Tulsa and she is busy with school and being a mom and wife.  When the weather cools off I’m going up for a visit and teach her how to bake a potato.  It’s one thing that I can cook and she says she can’t cook them so I’ll help her with that and Jeremy will grill the steaks…  Sounds like a fair swap to me.

I’ll take some more pictures today but I just thought I would throw these out to you all and ask you what you do to cool off in the heat of summer?


K. T. Sparks said...

Oh how fun to be able to swim and spend time with the family! Helen you are looking well and your family all resemble each other. I see you in them!

hetty said...

Thanks Helen I feel cooler already! What a great family you have! Everyone is into fun! That's a good thing.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

love the pics and names to go with :)
love summer fun too!

Tatersmama said...

What great photos! I think that somewhere... somehow.... we're related. I think. Which should entitle me to any future pool parties. Is that right? ;)

How wonderful to be able to spend quality time with the folks that you love - and beat the heat at the same time!

Now... where's the food? *wink wink*

Reddirt Woman said...

Karen the best times I have are with my family. And all those young'uns keep me young... in my head at least. I think it's going to take me two days to recover. Yep, when you see us all together you can tell we are all related. That's a good thing... I think.

We all enjoy each other and fun. Being from a large family that is definitely a plus.

More pics to come, Laura, and I'll try to add more names.

Katie you would, for sure, be welcome to any pool parties you want to come to and, as for the food, I didn't get any pictures but on Sunday there was ham, bbq ribs, potato salad, pea salad, baked beans, several kinds of dips and chips to go along and cookies on a stick for desert. I think there was enough food for Cox's army as the old saying goes. I meant to get a picture of the flower cookies on a stick but got busy visiting and they were gone. My great nieces that made them I'm hoping got photos that I can steal and post.