Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Want To Get A Project Done?

Start it less than a week before Thanksgiving when a whole mess of family is coming to your home to share the blessings in their life and a lot of food. I took off last Wednesday and headed south for a visit and to get away from the stress of all that has been going on around here.

in the beginning



i.t.b.4 This is what the fireplace looked like when I got to Ft. Worth Wednesday evening. In less that 2 hours (we had to go stuff our faces first) Diane, my sis-in-law started doing this:

Sissy demolitions Give her a hammer and chisel and she is the demolition princess.

hearth iswiped out Hearth is done for…

give her a hammer and stand back I had to bust my hump to keep up with her. Of course I did have to stop and take photos along to record the process for posterity (and a break).

getting it done Round and round she goes… and the surround is down.

mortar cleaning Cleaning up the excess mortar…

blowing the smoke off her 'gun' Blowing off the smoke after putting the hurt on the mortar.

Molly Overseeing 2 Miss Molly is overseeing the job to be sure there is no corner cutting. This was the end of evening one except for the sweeping up and washing down.

sheetrock is put on Day 2: Sheetrock is cut and installed. This job fell to my brother and me.

the cuts are made The tiles are cut first so Ben and I can run right through mortaring them and getting them up, so we could sit in the floor and get the surround tiled without having to get up and down. He’s been down in his back and I’ve just been down.

taping and spacing 2 Here it is… taped and spaced to make sure it stays in place while it sits up overnight. Thus ends Day two.

Ben had to work on Saturday so it fell to Diane and me to do the grouting and clean-up and I was so whipped out I forgot to take photos but I’ll get baby Bro to send me photos so you can see the finished project.

are you sure the spacing is correct 2 Molly giving it the critical eye and her blessing for a job well done.

Yeah, some work was involved but it was exactly what I needed to do to get myself leveled out. When I can lose myself in a project I don’t dwell on the things that are not right in my life and when I’m worked to ‘rode hard and put up wet’ I sleep great and everything looks better in the morning.

This is the way that I get my perspective back and start getting healed from a horribly inconsiderate fracas. Now I can start planning to start over next month.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and even with what all has gone down in my house I still have so much to be thankful for in my life. I’ve got my furbabies, I have wonderful sibs and I’m not afraid to start over again.


Evansmom said...

I hope that things look better soon!

Katidids said...

That looks great! Hope you find a sweet spot in life soon!

Unknown said...

I also find getting myself involved in a project helps keep my mind busy so it doesn't drift back to my problems. I know you will enjoy your new life with the pups and all the time in the world to yourself and not dealing with others issues! I know I DO!!!!

Caution/Lisa said...

And if that project just wasn't enough for you, there's plenty to do here. The welcome mat is always out for you :)

Laura ~Peach~ said...


Twisted Fencepost said...

Looks great. We want to redo out baths but neither of us know how to lay tile. Guess we'll figure it out.
When the door closes, go to the window, I'll bet it's open and an opportunity is waiting just outside. And I'll bet one of those sibs will have a ladder waiting for you, too!
My window always seems to be nailed shut and I have to struggle to get it open, but it always opens to something more beautiful.

Reddirt Woman said...

Evansmom it won't be too long until all is right in my world again. I can't stay glum for long... it's too boring and doesn't make anything better.

Kate thanks for the compliment and I'll find a spot and if it's not sweet, I'll make it sweet.

Ronda I don't know if I've ever told you that your positive spirit has given me encouragement more than once since we became blogging buddies. Thank you for encouraging me once again.

Caution, be careful what you ask for... I love projects! Have tools, will travel. As long as my pups are welcome, too.

Laura sweet Georgia peach. Thank you. I can use all the hugs I can get.

Becky I have a tile saw and some experience. Let me know when you want me there. And when the window was nailed shut I have been known to kick it out... and of course I always repair it once I'm out.

Terry said...

Howdy Helen
I am back after several long months without a monitor and another month out sick but I had to swing by and say thank you !
Thank you for still being here.
I was so thrilled to see your comment.
I will try to go and read your old posts and get caught up in the mean time Be blessed !
Remember you are an amazing person with so much talent and love and life to share that It might make you puff up with pride so i'll stop for now and wish you the best Thanksgiving ever !
As usual I will be home alone but not lonely .
I'll be counting my blessings like you and so many other wonderful people out here in blogland that
hang in there with me.
Big Hugs
Happy Trails

Nola said...

Phew....it doesn't pay to be absent from blogland for too long!! I have been sitting here reading back on all that has been happening in your world....and boy there has been alot happening!!!!! You are so right....no matter what, we all have something to count our blessings for!!

hetty said...

Looking good! There is nothing like some hands-on work to get your mind off things. Hope things will get better soon. I have no idea what is going on in your life, but I know I probably wouldn't be able to handle it like you do. Hang in there! We're all rooting for ya.

Robynn's Ravings said...

Oh Helen....I have been the most deadbeat Sass. You have gone through so much and it's good to "see" you. You are made of tough stuff and I'm not surprised to see you making the best of everything. One of the reasons I love you.

I hope you have the most wonderful day tomorrow and get to sit down. :)

Let me know the latest when you have a second to breathe.



Reddirt Woman said...

Terry I was glad to see you again, too. I've been playing catch up myself between moving and going to Ft. Worth for a break. If I'd known about you not having a monitor I'd have sent one down to you. I had an extra but just gave it to a friend last week that needed one. I hope you are feeling better and will enjoy all the blessings of the season.

Nola, you hornbag, you. Good to read a little something about what's going on with you again. We all need a break sometimes and lately life has managed to interfere with both our blogging. With your rise to a 'management'
position I hope you still manage time to give us a post every now and and again. Glad to see you and thanks for stopping by.

Hetty you doll... thanks for the compliment. The fireplace came out looking so much better than before we got after it. As for what all is going on in my life, I have no idea either, but thanks to better living through chemistry I'll get through. I just need to get myself into a less stressful situation.

Robynn, you haven't been any worse than me lately. Life messes with our lives sometimes but we will be catching up soon.

Debbie said...

Happy Thanksgiving my friend. Hope all works out for you. Hugs and love your way!!!

God Bless~
Debbie Jean