Sunday, June 14, 2009

First, Let Me Say...

thank you. I know that I have just the greatest folks that drop in to visit. I do appreciate all your prayers and well wishes and your insights. Yes, Tatersmama, getting out of bed is awful (I'm menopausal, too), but I'm figuring it out. Laying down is bad, too, but once I get there and be still, the pain eases.

I may have to try Ros's suggestion and sleep in the recliner. Becky, thanks for reminding me about deep breathing every so often. The doc said that's important because I don't want pneumonia. And yes, Robynn, breathing at all is important if I want to be around to enjoy life. JoJo, you are so right about deliberate movements. If I think about moving before I do it there is less pain. If I move quickly, as in trying to grab something that's slipped out of my hand, I pay... big time.

Hallie, I know you don't want me getting bored so you give me a job to do... and I love you for it. Hallie, in case there is anyone on this planet that doesn't know about the weiner woman, is hosting the Take A Chance On Life raffle. If you've been to her blog you know that she,her dad and all the family celebrated the 6th anniversary of his receiving a new heart. Hallie is hosting a raffle to raise money for organ donations and has and still is collecting items for the raffle winners and selling tickets for a chance to win a number of awesome prizes. Please check out her blog for more info or go to: and buy raffle tickets. It's for a wonderful cause and if you go check out Hallie's blog she has some wonderful prizes collected up already. And she will be glad to accept more donations to add to the prize bonanza she already has, so if you have something to donate to sweeten the donation pie, get with her.

Okay... that's it for now. I've a little story to tell about a conversation my Bro and I had yesterday. He made me laugh and that was no fun but the story of our conversation was certainly fun, but I've got to rest a bit from all that linking I did to Hallie. I promise I'll be back with that story for you all.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

You rock. I assigned you a task and you did it. A++++ and a gold star for effort!!

Hallie :)

Tatersmama said...

Hey, I've got to agree. The breathing thing is very important.
In all sorts of ways. ;-)

You know, I never noticed that my toilet is lower than normal - until I broke mine. Getting up and down was agony, and the toilet room (it's NOT in the bathroom here) was too small to fit both me and the old guy in, so he couldn't help me.
(Don't tell anyone, but for a week or so, I peed standing up and had the old guy haul the bucket out for me.)

Keep your fluids up, even if you don't want to have to pee.
I MEAN that!

Breath and drink... it's very important!!

Cindy said...

Take care of yourself!

Twisted Fencepost said...

It's amazing the things that you learn to do a different way to avoid pain.
Just ask Tatersmama. tee hee
It's nice to have so many who care.
And you are welcome. Take it easy.

Pastor Sharon said...

Gurl. . .I'm hurtin' for ya. Keepin you in my prayers.

DocSly said...

Hold a pillow on your diaphram while you cough a little. It helps support while getting oxygen to those little bronchioles.