Friday, June 20, 2008

Country Life

Besides a number of other revelations about country living in bfe America, one of the biggest for me to get used to is satellite television and satellite internet. If there is even a sprinkle of rain the internet satellite is the first to go. It does, admittedly, take a bit more of a thunderstorm to take out our television satellite. This has made for more than one or two anxious times during an unusually high storm and tornado season. Living in what is affectionately called tornado alley and living in a double wide mobile home and no cellar, or "hidey hole" as they are called in these parts, if there is a hint of anything bad blowing up around us we start formulating a plan for where could we go in the house if we didn't have time to leave. Early on last week we had big storms barreling towards our area of the woods and the diddily-dang cable tv went out. We all put on our shoes, got flashlights, just in case, and greater minds than mine decided the safest place to get would be the pantry... That would be two larger ladies, a 6' 5" son, myself and 3 dogs in approximately 5 X 8 room with shelves. Now over the years I've had bouts with fighting claustrophobia, and my palms are starting to sweat about this time. I decided that I needed to be the lookout....You know the one that when the weatherman say tornado watch, I go out and watch for it. Fortunately the plan didn't have to be put into action, but I'm going to start investigating "safe rooms" that one could get in to with a motorized wheelchair. Just trying to take some prepatory action. Still haven't figured out how to download photos to the site, but I'm working on it.... Y'all have a good day ya hear!!

Reddirt woman gonna go out in the garden and get down and dirty doing some way past due weeding.

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